Operating Lease


Alamo provides its customers with good-value leasing options for their transportation needs. Whether its for executive cars or company shuttle services, Alamo can cater to your needs. With our extensive background in servicing, financing, and running vehicles, we offer our knowledge, expertise, and skills at providing personal transportation, we would be able to maximize the value of your transportation expenses.

Executive Cars

Alamo can provide company cars for your management staff, taking on the burden of maintenance, financing, and acquiring all the licenses, and putting it all into one easy package.

Company Shuttle Services

For company outings, transportation from company living accommodations, or shuttle services between offices and other places of business, Alamo has a wide array of vehicles around Metro Manila that can be called upon to handle any specific trips you may have.


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If you’re looking to rent a vehicle, but have no need for our professional chauffeur services, Alamo does offer Self-Driven rates for a number of our cars. While our cars are required to be driven by those with professional licenses, it isn’t a must that the drivers come from Alamo’s roster.

If your company would like to have your own driving personnel handle the leased vehicles, Alamo would be happy to accommodate. We have facilities to provide training for driving personnel, and refresher courses on defensive driving and roadside emergency procedures, available on request.



If you do not require around-the-clock transportation services, and only need transportation for single events or for weekly, bi-weekly shuttling services, then this is the option for you.  Rather than lease our services for years, our chauffeur-driven cars could be reserved on a per-trip basis.

This is the simplest, most convenient way to get you from point-A to point-B whenever you need it.

Limousine Services


Alamo provides a limousine service for special events or arrivals of VIP’s. Available for rental, Alamo has several vehicles that would cater to your executive needs.

With the Lexus E350 and the Toyota Land Cruiser, you and your VIP’s could ride in cool, comfortable style to any function you might have in mind.

Yellow Metered Taxi


The safety and comfort of travel does not have to end  when you arrive at the airport. With our Yellow Metered Taxis stationed in all of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport terminals and at Cebu International Airport, we can provide that level of comfort and security right to your doorstep.

Our rates, aside from the transportation services, are inclusive of passenger insurance, and unit tracking, a higher-value service, that is guaranteed to give you a safer, easier, more comfortable trip to your destination.

Coupon Taxi


Aside from our Yellow Metered Taxis, we also have the Coupon Taxis, that charge flat rates depending on the city or province of your destination. No matter how far, what route you pass, or the time you spend on the road, you are assured from the minute you get into one of our coupon taxis of how much your trip will cost. Alamo provides you with the same unparalleled level of safe and dependable service at one easy flat rate.

Fleet Financing


Alamo has good standing with several banks and financial institutions, which allow us to finance our fleet of vehicles at a preferential rate, with a ton of savings that we can pass on to our consumers.


Let us handle all the ins and ours of purchasing a vehicles, allowing you to use our transportation services with relative ease!

Preventive Maintenance Service


Alamo has a skillful maintenance staff with state-of-the-art maintenance equipment, from lifters to tire rotors. We perform routine maintenance on all our vehicles to ensure that for their duration under our care, they run at peak efficiency. Our maintenance teams work to achieve the highest levels of quality in our vehicles and ensure that maintenance is no longer a worry our clients have to hang on their shoulders.

Comprehensive Automotive Insurance

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Inclusive of all Alamo rental and taxi rates is a certain small premium that pays for comprehensive automotive insurance for the passenger. In the unlikely events of an accident, or theft, all passengers are insured of up to P200,000.00. Clients can ride our services in complete safety knowing that they are insured and protected in every case.

Our Comprehensive Automotive insurance also covers car damages. For clients who rent our fleets, or lease our vehicles long-term, our insurance, inclusive in the rate, will cover any damages from accidents and other fortuitous events, provided that the client isn’t at fault. We ensure that every aspect of your driving experience, down to the financial security is taken care of in our rate.

24-Hour Client/Customer Support

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Alamo’s customer support department is on call 24-hours a day, to handle all of your transportation needs. Around the clock, our friendly representatives are connected to our rental hubs around Metro Manila and Cebu to give you the best service possible.

For our corporate clients, we have dedicated accounts personnel who would liaise between the client and all of our departments. They serve as the go-to persons for their respective clients and ensure that our services runs as smoothly as possible.